The Blog: Latitude refers both to the horizontal lines used to determine a point's position North or South of the equator and to an allowance for freedom of thought or action.  With greater latitude comes a broader range of possibilities and perspectives.  Study abroad gives you greater latitude in both senses.  As the process of applying to go abroad is currently a high priority for me, that will be the main focus of this blog.  For now, you'll mostly find updates on where I'm at in the application process.  Once I've gotten into a routine, I hope to add other resources including interviews with other students who are at various points in the study abroad process.  And then, provided that everything goes smoothly and I'm accepted into a program, I'll share my own experience abroad with you.

The Author: I'm a sophomore Classics major at Kenyon College preparing to study abroad.  I've wanted to travel for as long as I can remember.  When I was in kindergarten, I remember spending free time standing at the back of the classroom with the globe, sounding out the names of countries and pointing at all the ones I wanted to visit.  I keep a globe on my desk at home and love looking at maps and atlases to pass the time.  While I do a lot of domestic traveling between home, school, and my summer job, I've only been abroad once but hopefully, that's about to change very soon!

Favorite Places:  Interlochen, Michigan; London, England; St. Andrews and Aberdeen, Scotland; Home.

Current Plane Reading:  The Ballad of Bob Dylan: A Portrait by Daniel Mark Epstein

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