Wednesday, April 11, 2012


A few weeks ago, I promised I'd share exciting news and then callously left you all hanging.  Such a tease.  But, I'm happy to share now that my the changes in my life have been made official.  So, without further ado, the changes are as follows...

1.  I've changed my major!  As much as I love studying Latin and as certain as I was that I wanted to pursue a related career, when I got back to campus after winter break I started realizing that that wasn't where my greatest passion was.  I was struggling to finish my Off Campus Studies application to study Latin in the United Kingdom and knew as I was writing it that it was weak and my heart wasn't in it.  So, two days before the OCS deadline, I scrapped my application, wrote a new application to a different program and drafted a proposal for a synoptic (self-created) major.  Now, after months spent rewriting proposals, creating my own curriculum, and going to meeting after meeting with my advisers and the associate provost, I've been granted a synoptic major in Performing Arts Administration and Rural Community Development.  My goal is to study how the arts affect rural communities and how such communities can benefit from strong arts initiatives as well as to prepare for a career in arts administration.  After spending the past two years working in the Front of House and Box Office departments for Kenyon and Interlochen, and having spent most of my life involved in music and theatre, it's become clear to me that I want to continue in a line of work that allows me to use my creative and administrative skill sets to promote the arts.  If you're interested in reading the proposal email me at